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Iceland 2014

Last Easter I went to one of the most magnificent places on Earth, Iceland. The land of Ice and Fire. I went on a 5 day trip with my friends as part of a Year 10 Geography Trip. Over the course of the trip I experienced so many once in a lifetime activities. The first was visiting Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. Another place so incredible is the Mid Atlantic Ridge, this is where the North American and Eurasian plates meet. That same day we also visited a Geyser Centre where we saw hot springs and mineral pools, and we looked over the Gulfoss Waterfall.
The next day we visited another 2 waterfalls, one we had to walk up very steep steps to look over the top of it, and the other we could walk around it! At about lunchtime we went for a walk over a Glacier. It was so surreal! Following on from the Glacier walk we stopped off at 2 coastlines where we looked at the geographical landscapes. That night we were fast asleep until at about 2am one of my teachers knocked on our bedroom door and told us that outside, shimmering, were the Northern Lights! They were so beautiful and magical. 
On the following day we took a very rocky boat trip over to the island of Heimaey. When we got there we trekked up the side of a volcano with a guide, right to the top! After that we decided to go for a swim in a geothermal heated outdoor swimming pool with flumes. It was so much fun but you realize in the changing that in Iceland before you get in the pool you have to shower naked! There were only communal showers as well but luckily we found one shower cubical that we had to take in turns to use! After the swim we heard some personal diaries from the 1973 eruption on the island.
On the last day we went to the most amazingly weird and beautiful places you could ever swim, the Blue Lagoon. As you leave the changing rooms, and yes again we had to shower naked, you are immediately hit with the eggy smell of sulfur.

Overall, my trip to Iceland was unique and a once in a lifetime experience! If you ever get the opportunity to visit this country, seize it! You will not regret it. If you are planning to visit Iceland any time soon here are a few tips:
. Download a currency converter on your smart phone as the currency of Iceland (Icelandic Krona) is incredibly hard to work out to the English Pound, Euro or Dollar.
. Wear lots of layers. When I was in Iceland I experienced all sorts of weather; sun, snow, wind, rain etc. so make sure you are prepared. 
. Wear walking boots. Walking boots are essential for all the activities you will want to experience, also remember to break into your boots before going on a trek up a volcano.
. Try Skyr. A yogurt/cream cheese dessert that is delicious. 
. Be prepared to see Icelandic Sweaters everywhere, you may even be tempted to buy one.
. Book to do activities so you can make the most of the country.
. Most importantly have fun!


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