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Brighten your eyes

Your eyes may become red due to staring at a computer screen for a long period of time, fighting a cold or lack of sleep. If you think it is due to lack of sleep why not read my post on beating sleepless nights? But for those of you who want to know how to brighten the appearance of your eyes, here are a few easy tips...

Lack of water can make your eyes seem tired. So try to drink lots of water to banish the redness.

Soaked flannel
Soak a flannel in iced water and wring it out. Then lie down and place the flannel over your eyes. When the flannel starts to warm up, soak it in the ice cold water again and repeat.

Fast Fix
Apply a small dot of pearly eyeshadow on the skin at the inner corner of your eye and directly above your pupil. This gives the illusion of wider, brighter eyes.


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