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How to shampoo and condition your hair properly

Scientists have worked out exactly how you should wash your hair. They came up with a set of instructions to follow.

. Dampen your hair with running water warmed to a temperature of precisely 36.7 degrees celsius.
. Use exactly the right amount of shampoo - 6 ml for short hair, 8 ml for medium length hair and 10 ml for long hair.
. Lather hair for 28 seconds, rubbing it 20 times with your fingertips
. Rinse your hair for 22 seconds in the water (at the same temperature)
. Repeat the whole process

. Use 2 ml conditioner for short hair, 4 ml for medium length hair and 6 ml for long hair.
. Apply conditioner with a wide-toothed comb 
. Leave conditioner to sink in for 57 seconds before rinsing in the same temperature water as previously stated.
. Pat your hair dry with a towel to absorb excess water before leaving it to dry naturally.

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