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No more sleepless nights

We all need our beauty sleep to feel and look gorgeous. Here is an easy bedtime routine to ensure you sleep well and have sweet dreams. 

Have a healthy snack
Try having some warm milk, a banana or a slice of wholemeal toast an hour before bed. Or try chamomile tea or even peppermint tea to help you to become calm and relaxed.
Wind down
Relax by reading or listening to calm music. A study by the University of  Hertfordshire suggests that playing mood music at night could give you happier, sweeter dreams. Why not try listening to dolphins or wave sounds before bed?
Dark and silent
Get rid of any ticking or annoying clocks, and make sure your curtains are pulled tight. Why not purchase some blackout blinds?
Prepare for bed
Take a glass of water upstairs with you and keep it by your bed in case you get thirsty in the night. Ensure your PJ's are comfy, do your nighttime beauty regime and get into bed.
Find a comfortable position
Make sure your neck is well-supported upon one or two comfy pillows.
Clear your mind
Don't let worrying keep you awake. If you're anxious about something, then imagine your putting that problem in a box and locking it.
Goodnight and sweet dreams...


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