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Benefits of Chewing Sugar-free Gum

I love chewing gum! My favourite flavour is mint due to the fresh feeling in your mouth as you chew. Not only does chewing gum taste amazing but it has many benefits too, as long as it's sugar-free... 

 Improves Oral Health
Sugar-free gum is advised on TV many times emphasizing the oral health of the product, does 'Eat.Drink.Chew' ring a bell? Sugar-free chewing gum is known to increase saliva, help flush out bits of food debris and sugar, whiten teeth and freshen breath.

Be More Alert
Chewing sugar-free gum has said to reduce sleepiness. Chewing gum helps to keep you alert and awake.

Good Digestion
Chewing gum increases saliva meaning there is a more frequent swallowing flow.

Help to Manage Weight
Gum is a low calorie, inexpensive snack, a great swap from high calorie snacks. Also, it is said that chewing gum can burn 11 calories per hour.

Improves Memory
The activity in the area of our brain that is dedicated to memory increases while people chew. Chewing gum also increases blood flow to the brain, produces more oxygen and glucose, and disposes of more CO2; consequently improving memory.

Reduces Stress
The rhythmic motion of chewing can cause a soothing relaxation and reduce stress. It can also act as an outlet for fustration.

Burns Facial Fat
The activity of chewing gum can reduce a double chin and fat cheeks.

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