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What is the right career for me?

Nowadays we are pressured to know what career is right for us at a young age. I am in Year 11 and am passionate about being a journalist, although I am in the minority by knowing my dream job, as I know lots of people around my age that are stressing about their future plans. The key is to not worry to much and go with the flow. Although below I have left some questions that may trigger some inspiration or lead you in a direction towards the right career for you...

Would you describe yourself as; creative, a good leader, active, logical, musical, scientific?
Would you like to work outdoors or indoors?
Would you like to work as a team or independently?
What are/were your favourite subjects at school?
Would you like to go to university or college?
How much salary would you like?
Where would you like to work; in an office, travel around, at home, outside?
Would you like to be faced with customers or clients?
Do you need to be flexible with times?
Would you like to work with children or animals?
Would you like to be stable or with a variety of work?
What do you do in your spare time which you would enjoy doing as a career?

I hope some of these questions, once answered, will open you up to some job options. 


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