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Help! How do I repair my damaged hair?

Do you suffer from damaged hair? Do you have split ends? Here are a few ways to repair, rescue and moisturise your hair, think of it as hair rehab!
Have a trim
What a great excuse to book an appointment at the hairdressers!

Stop using heat
Heat used in products like straighteners, curling wands and hair dryers can damage your hair, so try to embrace your natural hair, or use items such as rollers to curl your hair.

Stop dying your hair
Dying or bleaching your hair can cause it to break or fall out.

Deep conditioning
This restores moisture to the hair. You can use oils or masks.

Use a swimming cap
It may make you look like you've got a pea as a head, but it protects your hair from the chlorine in the pool.



  1. Great post, my hair is badly damaged and these tips are sure to help!
    I've also nominated you for the Liebster Award, look here for more information!

    Tasha x

    1. Thank you! I'd love to do the nomination but I have been nominated three times before! Thank you for the nomination though, and I loved reading your answers xx


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