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Ways to keep your hair straight all day long!

I have naturally straight hair, but many of my friends explain to me the struggle of trying to keep your hair straight all day, especially those blustery days! Below are some ways to keep your hair looking straight and sleek for a good 24 hours...

Purchase products which state they contain properties that encourage straight hair.
Take time to comb the conditioner through your hair to get rid of those pesky tangles.
Avoid rubbing your hair with your towel, instead pat your hair dry to prevent frizz.
Use a mousse, gel, oil or anti-frizz product on your hair.
Apply a mixture of coconut milk and lemon juice to your hair as a mask, then wash normally.
Point your hair dryer downwards away from your roots when blow drying.
Set your hair dryer on the lowest setting to prevent frizz.
Apply hairspray or a post-straightening product to keep the hair in place.

Good luck!


  1. I hadn't read the coconut milk and lemon trick before, will have to try it!


    1. Not sure whether the results are that amazing but I love the coconut smell of the treatment and my hair felt super silky...give it a try and tell me what you think x


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