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A Few Facts about Moi!

I'm 16! Last Saturday was my birthday and I had an amazing day celebrating with my friends and family, I love you all! I wanted to write a post allowing you to get to know me better, so here are 25 facts about me now that I'm 16...

1. I am currently taking my GCSEs.
2. I'm an optimist.
3. I prefer lipgloss to lipstick.
4. I love meeting new people.
5. I love Disney Channel Movies especially Camp Rock - slightly sad I know.
6. Pina Colada is the one!
7. I am too impatient to paint my nails well, and I'm really lazy at removing the varnish afterwards.
8. I am obsessed with the Kim Kardashian app - don't judge.
9. I love Chai Latte!
10. I don't have a pet, although I used to own stick insects!
11. I've seen the Northern Lights.
12. My favourite high street store is Topshop - although I am loving River Island at the moment.
13. I hate crowds.
14. I can't watch any horror films!
15. I love music and I listen to it constantly. My favourite radio station is by far KISS FM - especially the Kisstory hour!
16. I love everything to do with America.
17. My dream job would be to become a magazine journalist or editor.
18. Fairy lights can be found all over my house.
19. I love candles - especially the smelly kind!
20. I eat raw noodles and pasta - i know it's slightly weird!
21. I trekked up a volcano and walked upon a glacier last year
22. If I get money I seem to save it, or spend it on magazines, clothes and makeup.
23. I am obsessed with Twitter, Instagram and Pintrest.
24. I love to laugh, and I easily laugh everyday!
25. I love my friends and family so so much!



  1. I would love to see the Northern Lights - so jealous!
    Happy belated birthday wishes also! :D
    Elephant stories and more

  2. Pina Colada is definitely the one haha, my favourite summer drink ever! And I hate crowds too, I get so stressed out that I get all hot and feel like I'm going to faint! :o
    -Paige x

    1. It is so delicious, ooo I really fancy a piƱa colada right now! At least I'm not the only one that hates crowds, although I am fine at concerts...I guess I'm just weird! xx


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