Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Emojis That Need To Exist!

After watching some YouTube videos covering this topic, I started to think about the times when I need that certain emoji and it's just not there! 
Here is a list of a few emojis I would love in my life...

A Fingers Crossed Emoji
I feel this is in definite need. The countless times I have searched for that symbol and sadly it is not there.
'Two hour maths exam today *fingers crossed*'
'Today is my job interview, hope it goes well *fingers crossed*'

A Pampering Face
We have the girl having her hair cut or what looks like a head massage, but I feel we need a girl with cucumber slices on her eyes, and a face mask. Not only will the image be super cute, but well used.
'Spa weekend with the girls *pampered girl*'
'Four hours revising, need some me time!! *pampered girl*'

A Lily Flower
As a girl with the name Lily, I feel there needs to be a Lily in the flower section. We already have the rose and tulip image, why not a Lily?
'Want a late read of *lily flower* *rose flower*?'
'Happy Valentines Day! *lily flower*'

 A Backstage/VIP Pass
For them times when you want to post a picture on Instagram or twitter of when you and your friends went to a festival, concert or event? Or met a famous person backstage? This is the image you want in your caption or tweet!
'Such a good time at Wireless *vip pass*'
'#LFW *vip pass*'

A Box of Popcorn
When you are out at the cinema, or having a film night in, or even when you are sitting in your room on your own watching Netflix, this image would look great in a text or tweet!
*Want to come over mine on Friday for films? *popcorn*'
'I can't come, I'm on season three of Gossip Girl! *popcorn*'

A Sunbather
You know them endless photos on Instagram and twitter of people's feet at the poolside or on the beach, on holiday? A small image of them photos would be great and rather cute.
'Greece in 2 weeks!!*sunbathe*'
'Miss the Florida sun!*sunbathe*' 

A Hula Dancer
We have ballet dancers and a flamenco dancer, so why not a hula dancer? I hope to visit Hawaii in the future, and I feel that having that emoji would really help!
'Can't wait to go to Hawaii with the girls! *hula dancer*'
'Alice's 16th! Partayy! *hula dancer*'

A Giraffe
Just because who doesn't love giraffes?
'Hey, how are you? *giraffe*'
'I'm so tired *giraffe*'

What Emojis would you like?


  1. This is so cute!💕 ...the fingers crossed one is a must have!✨

  2. OMG! We definitely need all these emojis!


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