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Label.M Hair Perfume

Perfume for your hair? I love it so much!
The Label.M Hair Perfume, whilst giving you a beautiful scent, gives your hair a beautiful shine and nourishes your locks. The scent is the perfect freshness, lightweight and leaves no residue on your hair.
A great bonus is that the fragrance can be used on your body too!

I wore this product on New Years Eve and i received many compliments, and a few people weirdly asked to smell my hair...awkward. I guarantee that this is a lovely product and the packaging is very cute too with a statement black bow around the bottle.
A great excuse to keep swishing your hair!



  1. That is so cool! I need to try that! x
    Becky x

    1. I totally recommend it, it smells gorgeous and it is such a good idea! x


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