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January Favourites

Happy February Everyone!
Where has January gone? One month into the year already! Anyway here are my favourite things from last month...

Beauty & Skincare

The Birchbox Subscription
This is my first beauty box subscription and I love it! Last month's box was inspired by Women's Health Magazine and it was wonderful. Beauty box subscriptions are such a lovely idea and I always look forward to my box each month. Here are a few others you could check out...

Naked Basics
This is my first Naked palette and it's amazing! I love all the colours and I can wear them for and to anything.


Label.M Hair Perfume
This product is so great, doubling up as both a hair and body perfume, and smells gorgeous! It leaves my hair not only smelling beautiful but looking, and feeling so soft and shiny.


Catfish and Bottlemen
I stumbled across this band on Spotify and fell in love with their songs. I know a few of my friends love them too! My favourite songs off their album are


American Pancakes
This month I have fallen in love with the idea of these beauties as a dessert with maple syrup and ice cream...yummmm.

For my friend's 16th birthday, a few of my closest friends and I went to the Southbank and had dinner in Giraffe. It was the first time I had been in there and it was so amazing. I ordered the Rodeo Burger with a pomegranate juice and it was so delicious! I totally recommend it!


I have re-found my love for Pinterest and have been pinning all sorts of pins, from recipes, fashion, bucket list and beauty! If you don't follow me already on Pinterest my link is below...

Clothes & Accessories

For my 16th Birthday I was kindly given a Links golden bracelet from my Nana and I have been wearing it so much. It is a gorgeous glittery bracelet, that is beautiful and simple.

High Waisted Black Jeans from Topshop
These are the best jeans I have ever come across. I hate it when skinny jeans bag around the knees and ankles, but these jeans are great at keeping their shape. One thing I would say about these jeans is that, because I wear them so much, they tend to loose their colour. The beginning of this month I decided to re-dye them black, and they came out better than new. I was really happy!


Old Classics
This month I have been watching loads of old classics, and I love them! These classics include Grease, Back to the Future (1,2 and 3), Footloose and Dirty Dancing. 


My favourite magazine this month has been Glamour. For my birthday I was given a subscription and it's amazing! January's issue was really good, especially the Beauty Flash section!

Another month over...
What have been your January favourites?



  1. I recently discovered Catfish and the Bottlemen too! Their album is amazing, my favourite tracks are Kathleen, Fallout and Business:)

  2. I just found your blog and I really like it! :)


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