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Sanctuary Spa Haul

Recently I have been kindly given a few Sanctuary Spa items that smell gorgeous. I have never really owned lots of Sanctuary Spa products, my house usually has lots of Baylis and Harding items, so I was excited to use this products. I must say, out of this range items, my favourite product is the Feather-Light Moisture Spray, and my favourite fragrance is the White Lily & Damask Rose.

The first set in this haul is my White Lily & Damask fragrance. In the set I have the body wash and body scrub. The floral scent is sweet and refreshing and the body wash is moisturising and cleansing on the skin. The scrub is great for the skin as it is a delicate exfoliate so it is not too harsh on your body.

The second with the fragrance Green Lemon & Orange Blossom includes products such as body scrub, body lotion and body wash. Similar to the White Lily and Damask Rose body wash and scrub, they are great for your skin. The fragrance of this set is more tangy and zesty, due to the orange extract. The body lotion instantly moisturises my skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth. I think the smell is great especially in the morning due to it's refreshing aroma!

The Moisture Rich Foot Butter is just what you want in a foot butter! A fresh, zesty scent with super rich moisturising properties. It leaves my feet feeling and smelling gorgeous, especially after a hard day working, shopping or at school.

The Feather-Light Moisture Spray is a super lightweight spray and a great way to pick up and replenish your skin quickly and easily. A few spritz of this product will rejuvenate your skin and leave it with a lovely glowing sheen.

What are your favourite Sanctuary Spa products?


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