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Sweet Dreams

I had been studying for my GCSEs for quite some time. I have been thinking of ways to grasp them final grades I aim for at the end of this summer. Stressing about exams can cause sleeping to be more challenging. It wasn't until I started researching some new mattresses that I realized that this would be the perfect for me during the exam period. It would help me to relax for the upcoming GCSEs, and it will give me a great night's sleep during the rest of my time in school.

When I mentioned to my parents that I wanted a new mattress my mum thought it was a great idea because it would help with school and overall health. They told me to really put some time into the decision, because this purchase should last until I am in my early twenties. When they gave me the green light, I decided to go on a quest to find the best mattress!

I hit the internet and started looking for my new mattress, and instantly I realized this was going to be more challenging than I had first anticipated. Not only were there a huge amount of websites selling mattresses, there were quite a variety to choose from. So my first course of action was to find a firm sprung mattress, something that would support me but not too firm to the point that it was causing me pain in my joints and muscles. I like a firm mattress, but I also love the pillow top style mattresses that you sleep on when you travel abroad and stay in a hotel. Luckily I was able to narrow down my search quite easily.

I decided against the memory foam and gel mattress, I did not like the feeling of being cradled in place all night - I am slightly claustrophobic. I prefer the mattress be firm, but soft on top to allow me to fall off easily into sleep. I liked the way the sprung mattress feels, and I liked that I could choose the thickness of the surface material too. So with my mattress type decided, now all I had to do was to find a local supplier who could deliver my new mattress and take away my older one. I did a local search for a mattress company with a flexible delivery schedule, and within seconds I found a great website called

I was able to quickly scan their inventory for a new mattress, and was able to confirm that they could get the mattress to our house and also take away the old one. My mum took care of the rest, and I had my mattress two days later. I was able to rest comfortable each night, and when i needed to relax for the day, I could lay down and just focus on passing my GCSEs. This was the best investment ever, and my parents were more than happy with the results all the way around. Now I can have sweet dreams and hopefully sweet GCSE grades - fingers crossed!


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