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March Favourites

It's April! 
The month full of new life, an abundance of flowers, and of course chocolate eggs. Last month was lots of fun and I'm going to go through a few random things I loved.

Cynthia Rowley Eye Liner
I am not a big eye liner person but recently I have been wearing it a bit more. I have been loving this eye liner crayon because it is very long lasting and have a bold dramatic colour. The crayon is very easy to use, although I would say this eye liner isn't very good to create a flick or cat eye, as the point isn't sharp.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo
This eye shadow is an amazing product with such a gorgeous colour. I have worn this as my everyday eye makeup as it is so pretty. It will be a colour I will continue to wear during spring. 

Balance Me Tinted Lip Salve
This tinted lip salve is gorgeous. It's a lovely lip product to keep in your handbag and apply during as it leaves a beautiful red tint to your lips.

Ed Sheeran
Last month I was loving the music off Ed Sheeran's album X. My favourite songs were Thinking Out Loud, Bloodstream and The Man.

How To Write Everything by David Quantick
I loved this book last month as I am an inspiring journalist and I love to read. This book is perfect for anyone who loves to write as it gives you tips and tricks on writing anything, whether it's a speech, article or story. I have flicked to different pages, and learnt so much!

Raw Cacao Nibs
A rare snack but something I have been nibbling on last month. The Raw Cacoa Nibs have an acquire taste but I really like it. The little nibs are full of fibre and nutrients, and have zero fats and sugars!  

Back In Time For Dinner
I loved the TV programme Back In Time For Dinner on BBC One. A modern day family signed up for 6 weeks of time travelling, where they entered different decades to experience life and foods. Their journey started in the 1950s and continues through the 20th century. I think the programme is so interesting and I loved watching it with my Nana. The programme continues on Tuesdays at 8pm.

Last month I created my blog on Tumblr. I am still trying to get used to the app but I think I am getting the hang of it! I love the idea of sharing photos and quotes with other bloggers! You can follow my blog below...

This stunning glossy magazine is my favourite magazine from last month! The advertisements for gorgeous designer's fashion and accessories were inspiring, and I loved the page dedicated to vintage shopping. The style of the bohemian and colourful interior design was beautiful too!



  1. The colour tattoo is in such a lovely shade! I have it myself and I find it perfect for a cream base x

    1. Totally agree! Such a lovely consistency xx


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