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My Weekly Love | Carrots in the bath!?

Carrots in the bath!?
When I spent the day in Canterbury last weekend, of course I did some retail therapy. Walking through the cobbled streets of Canterbury town I came across LUSH. For a while I have been reading many blog posts on the Easter selection of LUSH treats, so I had to go inside and see for myself.

I have a LUSH obsession! All of their products are so fresh and natural, and affordable too! I love how all the products are on show, and how you can try different products around the store. The product that stood out for me was the Bunch of Carrots.

This reusable bubble baths is such a lovely idea. The lady in the store demonstrated the magic of the product. I was surprised to hear how long the bunch of carrots would last. Each carrot should work for around 5 baths, making the bunch have a total use of 15 baths!

To use the product, you take one carrot and swirl it under the running tap. This soon creates a mass of bubbles, and a sweet tropical smell. The scent isn't too overpowering, it is just sweet and fresh.
Such a lovely gift for someone or if you want to treat yourself, like I did!



  1. I adore lush- especially the bath bombs!

    emilyrose |


    1. The best bath bombs have to come from LUSH! xx


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