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My Weekly Love | Classic Sunglasses

I've been searching for a while for my perfect pair of sunglasses for this summer, and I think I've found them! A while ago I was down my local high street with my Mum. While we were down there, we decided to have a look in a few shops. Mum's choice was to pop into M&Co - not usually a shop I look in, or even go near. I walked aimlessly around the shop, staring at lots of clothing that frankly not even my Great Nan would wear, but I drifted over to the jewelry and accessories section of the store. These sunglasses caught me eye.

The glasses have a lovely design. A slight cat eye shape to the edges and a beautiful classic rounded glass. The lens have a graduated colour and the frame is classic black all over. I loved the pair and knew I needed them for over my long summer this year. A quick glance at the price and I headed straight for the till. This gorgeous summer wardrobe staple was only £6.00! As a student with not enough money to buy Ray Bans or Michael Kors sunglasses, I think this is a perfect buy! This experience has not only gained me a lovely pair of sunglasses I will be wearing all over spring and summer, but taught me maybe I should pop in to M&Co every once in a while.


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