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Revision Tips and Tricks

It is the critical time of GCSEs and I have been revising for some time now. Revision is a long process but it is very successful, and a must in order to pass the exams with good grades. Below are some tips and tricks for your revision to ensure you are making the most out of your time.

Create daily to-do lists with clear boundaries
Allocate time for different activities such as revision, breaks, relaxation and exercise.
Eliminate unnecessary tasks
Pointless activities such as being on your phone, watching TV, chatting with friends or endless watching on Netflix is a waste of time during the revision period. Use your time wisely, it will soon fly past!
Ask instead of guessing
Teachers in all of your subjects are on hand to help you with any misunderstandings or queries. A short chat with your teachers will soon iron anything out before the exams.
Look for solutions rather than dwelling on the problems
Some people panic and stress out, causing them to put off tasks and revision. Instead of worrying about the problem, start on the solution and start to tick off the tasks to do.
Slow down
No cramming or fast-paced revision sessions are allowed, they are very stressful and unproductive. Start to pace your revision in order to allow your brain to soak in the knowledge and information.
Speak to your friends and family about your revision. Get your friends to teach you something you don’t understand, or talk about your worries and concerns. Why not get your family members to quiz you on topics you need to learn?
Be motivated
Think about what you want to achieve and be determined to do so. Set yourself goals and strive to achieve them
Plan and schedule
Allocate times for revision on different subjects, and ensure you give yourself breaks. You can only concentrate properly for 45 minutes so take small breaks, perhaps eat a snack, after each session.
Experiment with exam techniques
Finding the right techniques for you is the key to successful revision. Have you tried flashcards, mindmaps, videos, recordings or after school sessions?
Take deep breaths and try to clear your mind of any other distractions
Try to stay focused and dedicated to wanting to achieve the best you possibly can.
Good luck with your revision!


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