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The Bubble | Whitstable

If you didn't know already, my family and I have a caravan at Seasalter, near the beautiful coastal town of Whitstable. We have spent many lovely weekends at Whitstable over many years, yet we still find new and wonderful places to visit. The other day we came across a quaint little cafe, along the coastline, called The Bubble.

The first thing that struck me was the stunning window view. The interior included tall bar tables around the edge of the cafe so, as you sat with your food and drink, you can look out over beautiful scenery.  It was a sunny day in the Whitstable and there was such a clear sky!

The menu provided at The Bubble does not contain much choice but a range of delicious meals for lunch or dinner. We visited the cafe just for refreshments so we only opted for drinks, although I'm sure we will return to try out the food. The cafe sources produce locally where possible, and they also have award-winning beers for sale. The dishes looked amazing and so did the butternut sqaush cake on the counter!

I ordered a good old hot chocolate. I usually opt for a coffee of some sort, but I craved something sweeter. The hot chocolate was really nice, but perhaps would have been better with a squirt of cream and a handful of mini marshmellows.

I love spending time with my wonderful family and discovering new places! I have had a lovely weekend away for Easter and enjoyed trying to soak up some early springtime sun. 
I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend with your family and friends too!



  1. Kent is like my second home, I absolutely LOVE Whitstable beach. It has incredible sunsets too. Never stumbled across The Bubble though, might have to check it out on my next visit. Have you ever visited The Neptune? I highly recommend it if not. Beautiful pub! X

    1. I totally agree, I love Whitstable beach and the sunsets are definitely instagram worthy! I have been to The Old Neptune several times and it is such a wonderful pub that I would highly recommend too! xx


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