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The Diner | Old Spitalfields

Last Sunday I spent a lovely day with my mum, sister and auntie up London. We decided on a typical past time of ours, retail therapy. We headed up, bright and early, to London's most popular markets. Petticoat Lane was the first of our stops, then Brick Lane, and then finally Old Spitalfields. The markets were buzzing with atmosphere, sometimes it felt it bit too much for me, but I soon relaxed down. We made many different purchases of bits and bobs that we loved.
As with all shopping experiences, we tend to get very peckish. We decided to have some lunch in The Diner. An American diner in the middle of Old Spitalfields Market. First impressions were fantastic. The diner looked so authentic, clean and inviting. 

Once seated we looked at the menu. There was so many types of burger that it was so hard to choose, but in the end I opted for an Arch burger with sweet potato fries. We then ordered tap waters for each of us and a strawberry milkshake to share. We shared a milkshake because I find they are just too big for just me! The food was absolutely delicious and there were cleared plates all round. 

The prices were really reasonable in The Diner, my burger and fries came to around £11.00. The service was really nice too! The restaurant is such a lovely place that I have never been to before. I believe there are more of these restaurants around London, so keep your eye out when you are out and about, and feeling hungry!


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