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Weekend Pamper Routine

I had a lovely evening on Saturday when I decided to pamper myself for a whole evening. I had spent pretty much the whole day revising, so it was a well deserved relaxation session. I decided to share my evening with you beautiful people and show you how I pamper myself on a weekend. This blog post is a collaboration with the beautiful Libbie from Libberty Mills. Be sure to check out the link to her blog below for her Weekend Morning Routine. 
Let's get on with the pampering!

The first thing to do in an evening is to have dinner. For dinner I had hunter chicken and roast potatoes, delicious! After dinner I took myself up stairs and put some chilled music. I have a 'Chill' playlist on my Spotify account, so I listened to that on shuffle play. You can follow me on Spotify by searching for my username which is lilyrichardsx.

I then proceeded to take off my makeup. I wasn't wearing lots of makeup on Saturday, as I was just staying at home, so I decided to remove it with my Vita Coco Coconut Oil. I took a small amount between my fingers, heated it up until it became oil, and massaged it into my face as it lifted off the makeup. I then took a damp cotton pad to wipe the product gently off my skin. I love this oil as it is so natural and works amazingly - even with eye makeup. I then plucked my unruly brows and went on to my hair.

I opted for the Agave Healing Oil sample I was given in Birchbox a while ago. I took the oil and massaged it into my hair from the tips to about  mid way of my hair. I brushed my hair using a tangle teaser and plaited my hair to allow the oils to soak in. The oil smoothed and restored my hair. It made it feel so silky the next day!

While running the bath I popped in a LUSH bath bomb. You may already know I have an obsession with LUSH products, so it almost impossible to have a pamper routine without one! I opted for the fuzzy egg bath bomb that I had still from Easter. The colours were so beautiful and the bath looked amazing!

I applied a face mask while I was lying in the bath, and I chose to use the Be fine Warming Clay Mask. Once applied the mask warms up on your face which is so relaxing! The gorgeous smells of pomegranate and cardamon had a warming and glowing feel, and the benefits of these extracts are to tone the skin. I left this mask on for around 5 minutes and removed with a muslim cloth.

After stepping out of the bath and wrapping myself in towels, I focused on my facial skincare. I exfoliated my skin with the Dr.Jart+ Clear Away Gel. I love this product and use it on an almost daily basis! I then spritzed my face with the Caudlie Face Spray and moisturised with the Benefit Face Emulsion. I also applied some good old Vaseline to my lips.

On to my body, and I used the Korres Bergamot Pear Moisturising Body Milk to moisturise. The more liquidy consistency is so soothing and it gives such amazing hydration to my skin. I mustn't forget my feet, so I moisturised and exfoliated using my Whitstable Lavender Foot Souffle Scrub. This charming little pot of souffle scrub was bought for me from my little sister when we were last in Whitstable, Kent. This product is made by a lovely handmade shop along the high street of the coastal town, and I would definitely recommend it as a small gift for someone or a treat for yourself. It left my feet feeling so soft and smelling amazing!

I then put on my super comfy pyjamas and slippers, and went downstairs to make myself a vanilla latte. With a hot beverage in my hand, I grabbed my magazine and lit some candles. I sat on my sofa to read my magazine and a few blog posts. I haven't got a book on the go at the moment, but I might start reading An Abundance of Katherines by John Green soon.

I decided to paint my nails too and opted for my Maybelline Color Show polish in a warming Mauve Kiss. I used my Nars base coat too. I switched on the TV to see what was on, and I chose to watch Britain's Got Talent. 

As the night drew on it was time for bed. I poured myself a glass water for the side of my bed, and headed upstairs. I brushed my teeth and applied more Vaseline to my lips. I switched my fairy lights on across my bed frame and spritzed my Molten Brown Room Fragrance. While lying in my bed I always have a last check of social media and finally I switch off my fairy lights.

Sweet Dreams!

Now head over to Libbie's blog for the first half of this collaboration...


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