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My Weekly Love | AHOY Thames Row

AHOY everyone!
There is an amazing charity that I would like to talk about this week. The charity, AHOY, is a water-sports based charity that strives to change young people's lives by building life skills on the water. Their main aim is to help and support disadvantaged and disabled youths by offering them participation in water-sports such as rowing and sailing. The charity also offers apprenticeships, this offers them an opportunity to step on to the careers ladder. 

My family has decided to support this loving charity. Last year my step mum rowed the channel, along with some of her friends, in order to raise money for this wonderful charity. Her experience was tough, but very rewarding. I am proud to also say that my mum will also be supporting this charity in the next month by completing a row down the Thames. She is in the midst of her preparation and looks forward to the challenge of raising much needed funds for AHOY. 

I cannot express how great this charity is, and my family have witnessed face to face the positive changes that AHOY has made to many families' lives. It would be much appreciated if you could make a donation, of any size, to this charity. By sponsoring my mum you will be putting smiles on many young people's faces. If you would kindly like to send a donation there will be a link below and if you would like more information on the charity, click the link at the very bottom. 

Thank you very much!


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