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Recipe | Exotic Green Smoothie

For a while I had been pondering over whether or not to purchase a smoothie blender. My Step Mum recently bought one and I loved the idea of being able to blend up quick and healthy smoothies, to have for breakfast or to take with me on the go. After looking around in many stores and online, I opted to search on Amazon for the best smoothie blender I could buy within my budget. In the end I decided to purchase the Morphy Richards Smoothie Blender.

The delivery was very fast as it arrived three days later. The blender comes with the blender base, two cups and two lids. It is one of those blend-and-go makers, as you attach the cup to the base of the blender to make your smoothie. I have fallen in love with it. I was stunned by how easy it is to use, and It is also very easy to clean and was so affordable [£17]. 

I jumped to Pinterest to look for smoothie recipes but many pins stated to simply add whatever fruit you fancied, a liquid, and then blend. After a late night shop at Tesco I gathered a basket of different fruits to try and made a delicious tropical green smoothie. 

My Exotic Green Smoothie

1 small banana [chopped]
2 cups of pineapple [chopped]
1/2 cup of coconut water
1/2 cup of skimmed milk
1 tsp of chia seeds
1 cup of baby spinach

Simply take all of your ingredients and place them into your cup.
Fasten the attachment on to the top of your cup and shake it.
Place the cup on to the base of the blender
Ensure your attachment is securely fastened to your blender base - or otherwise it could get messy!
Switch on the button, and blend together the ingredients.
Make sure all of the chunks of fruit are fully blended.
Take off your cup and place on your lid - otherwise pour out into glasses.


I am very sorry I haven't posted regularly recently, it is those busy months for us students in Year 11 and I have my GCSE examinations. My time recently has been filled up with revision, after revision, after revision. I will aim to post every now and then, but my regular schedule will come be back on the 22nd of June, and I have lots of fun posts planned for then!
Sorry again,

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