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What's in my school bag?

I was in desperate need for a new school bag, so I took to searching for a new one. My school has many rules when it comes to school bags, such as it must be big enough to fit an A4 folder, it must be all one sensible colour and it must not have a logo. I looked in many shops, and online and I couldn't see any bags I really liked, until a deal popped up on my Groupon app. It was a Windsor Satchel, in several colours, that had been reduced from £49.99 to £10 [including free delivery]. I feel in love with it's classic and traditional design, so I ordered it in the colour brown.

I had no problems with the delivery, and the bag arrived in great time! The bag came in a bag protector, and in pristine condition. The quality of the material is great and the design has no faults. I must admit though, that I thought the bag was going to be slightly bigger inside, but it will be fine for use at school.

In this blog post I decided to also show you what items I tend to put into my school bag. My school bag gets very full up fast with lots of school books and folders, but I always leave space for a few of the necessities I need during the day.

1. My purse
The purse I am using at the moment was a gift from my auntie. It is from Oliver Bonas and it has a lovely aztec design with a tassle detail. 

2. Some plasters
You never know when you or a friend may be in need of a plaster - be prepared! I have blister in my bag at the moment because I have ordered some new school shoes, so I am ready for the blisters.

3. Headphones
Whenever you have a chilled lesson, or when you are walking to or from school.

4. Perfume
I don't like to carry around a large bottle of perfume so I love the little portable bottle you can buy. At the moment I have the YSL Black Opium. It is just great went you want to just give yourself a pick me up spritz during the day.

5. Hair Product
I usually carry a hair product around with me. Sometimes it may be a small handbag dry shampoo or hairspray, but recently I have been loving the Percy & Reed finishing polish. It makes my hair feel super soft and silky during the day.

6. My keys

7. My pencil case
My pencil is the absolute must for my school bag. The case was actually given to me as a gift from my auntie when she came back from California last year. I've had lots of compliments on it's design, and it is perfect to keep all my stationery in. Inside is just typical pens, pencils, a rubber, highlighters etc.

8. Bunch of bobbles
The countless times I have forgotten a bobble for PE or catering is so very frustrating. I know keep a good handful of around 5 or so bobbles in my bag for them moments when me or my friends forget.

9. Card Holder
My card holder was given to me as a gift also and it is from Paperchase. It has such a cute design and I love it.

10. Calculator

11. Hairbrush
I have to have a hairbrush in my school bag because I find it can get very knotty easily. This hairbrush is by Botanics, but I bought it in Boots.

12. Makeup
I don't tend to top up makeup too much during the day because I don't like to cake it on. In my bag I usually take a minimal amount. I take my real techniques brush, concealer from MUA, translucent powder by No7 and Nars lipgloss in Orgasm. 

13. Lip balm
I am one of those girls that constantly tops up lip balm, especially when I love the product. At the moment I have become obsessed with my baby lips in the colour Coral Crave. The smell is amazing, and it gives my lips such amazing hydration.

14. My planner/school log book

15. Notebook
I love to have a notebook handy because you never know during day-to-day life when you will come up with an idea, a reminder or something you need to do. A notebook handy will ensure you are super organised. The notebook I am using is by the beautiful Petra Boase, they have so many cute and unique designs for greetings cards and homeware so I would definitely recommend you check them out.

I hope you enjoyed an insight into my school bag, thank you for reading!



  1. This was such a lovely post! I might have to borrow the idea myself haha! I have the same problem, I can never find a bag that fits all my folders in and our school have an odd sized maths folder that is slightly bigger than A4 making it so awkward! Might have to get myself one of those satchels! I really need to top up my school bag with hair bobbles and pins because they always go missing even if I never use them haha!xx
    Becky.xo |

    1. Thank you! I know, I always wonder where they all go! Haha xx


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