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Grease is the Word! | Hyde Park

Last Thursday, a large group of my friends and I travelled to Hyde Park to attend the Film Festival.
Hyde Park has been hosting lots of free events this summer; live music performances, outdoor cinema screenings, and comedy acts. We decided to attend the outdoor cinema screening of sing along Grease.

We headed up on the train and bus. When we arrived, we grabbed some Maccy Ds, and headed into the park. 
The festival looked great with a large screen and loads of bars - even one floating in the air! We arrived early in order to secure a place in the cinema, as admission was on a first come-first served basis. 
Some ice creams were purchased, headphones were collected, and we took our spot outside on the grass.

The film soon started and it was so much fun! I love Grease - it is one of my all time favourite feelgood films. Loads of people were singing along, and some were even dancing!

During the film we realised that there were Snog frozen yogurt being provided for free, so we rushed to grab as many pots as we could carry. It was delicious - especially under the sun's heat!

I had so much fun with my friends, and the festival was fantastic [and free]! We are definitely returning next year, and hopefully to see a live music performance. 

Overall it was the perfect start to summer!

Thank you for reading!

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