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My Weekly Love | Moisturising Mojito

A cocktail for your skin?

 I am in love with The Body Shop's new range, Virgin Mojito. The company's new summer fragrance is gorgeous! The products smell exactly like a Mojito, and are so fresh and cleansing. I love mojitos - especially when they are made by my best friend's mum - they are delicious! If only you could smell through this screen, because I am terrible at describing smells and I am not selling the smell of this product enough - I think you just need to pop into the Body Shop at some point to have a little sniff.

The collection has lots of amazing products, but I opted for the Body Sorbet. The Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet is a light, gel moisturiser with lime and mint extracts from the Caribbean. I love this body moisturiser as it is so hydrating and perfect for a summer body. The body sorbet also leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft, and the gorgeous aroma lasts for ages!

I would definately recommend the whole range from The Body Shop, but especially the Body Sorbet. I have recently preferred non creamy moisturiser as they leave me feeling fresher and more clean.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Great post, the mojito body sorbet looks so good! xx
    Chasing Belle

    1. Thank you! Yeah, you should definitely try it out! xx


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