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My Weekly Love | Weetabix as a drink?

A drink that contains Weetabix?

A bit of  a weird concept at first, but something I have weirdly loved this week.
On a lovely shopping trip with my auntie, mum and sister in Bluewater, I came across this product. The women kindly handed me two of these bottles to try, I selected the strawberry flavour but vanilla and banana were also provided.
The idea behind the Weetabix drink is that it is a practical product that people can buy for convenience. The drink prides itself as being a breakfast in a drink, that a person can simply grab and consume on the go. I was a bit dubious about the drink at first as it stated that weetabix cereal was in with the milky drink! After trying the drink I couldn't even taste the cereal as the particles were so small, which is great because the idea of a lumpy milkshake is very disgusting! The only way I can describe the drink is a filling milkshake for breakfast. I am still not sure whether the future of our breakfast is to be had in a drink, but it is a novelty product that would be nice every now and then, or for busy mornings.
I am unsure whether the product is available in stores yet, but be sure to keep an eye out.


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