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Pablo's | Sovereign Harbour

Yesterday was Father's Day and I hope you all had a wonderful day with your Dads, spoiling them rotten! I had a lovely day with my Dad and family, as we spent a lovely meal in a restaurant called Pablo's, at Sovereign Harbour in Eastbourne [UK]. On Saturday it was my Nana's birthday, so we enjoyed a joint celebration, which was wonderful!
Pablo's is a mediterranean restaurant that has a beautiful view of the harbour. It was a lovely summers day so the harbour looked buzzing and beautiful.

Pablo's is rustic, and themed beautifully with a mediterranean and italian style. The staff were warming and friendly, but our service was quite slow - although, it was a busy day and the restaurant was quite full. 
The menu was full of lots of choice. It opted for a mozzarella bruschetta as a starter, and a salmone pizza for a main. The food was homemade and delicious - my little sister even said it was the best garlic bread she had ever tasted! The meals were very filling and we all struggled to clear are plates, but the food was just so tasty! After our mains we were all so full up, so we didn't order desserts. I must say that the desserts on offer looked amazing though - especially the lemon meringue pie!

After we rolled out of the restaurant with our stomachs full, we took a walk to the car along the harbour. The sky was warm and clear, and the water glistened in the sunlight. The boats were lined up in rows creating a beautiful nautical view.

Overall I had a lovely day with my family, and I hope you had a wonderful Father's Day too!
I would definitely recommend Pablo's for anyone who is around Eastbourne, feeling hungry, as the warm, friendly feel is the perfect place for a genuine, delicious meal!

Thank you for reading!


  1. OH, your Father's Day sounds absolutely lovely, and I love the sound of Pablo's! The food, too, looks delicious! Your fam and you are way too adorable. <3

    May x | THE MAYDEN

    1. Thank you, it was! I hope your Father's Day was lovely too! Pablo's is lovely! - Thank you, I love my family so much! xx


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