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10 Summer Beauty Rules

This little post will give you the low-down on how to be extra beautiful this summer. Hopefully these 10 easy tips will give you an extra body-confidence boost.

1. SPF is your best friend
It's summer! That means that the sun is out and there is promise of hot weather. We want to make sure we are out and about, soaking in that vitamin D, but we need to protect ourselves from the harsh UV rays. My favourite sun-care product, that I am using at the moment, is the Hawaiian Tropic Spray with an SPF 30. It is so easy to use, and smells amazing! Ensure you coat your skin in the mornings, whilst you are getting dressed, to make sure your whole body is fully protected.

2. Cover Up
For those of you who burn easily [like me] and find that sun lotion is not enough to shield you from the sun's rays, then why not cover up in style? Don't worry, you can still wear your favourite bikini, perhaps purchase a kimono, sarong or hat of your choice for extra protection.

3. Wear a Waterproof Face
You can still wear makeup when at the beach or around a pool, I would invest is some waterproof makeup products. I am loving the B. All Lengthening, Defining and Volumising Waterproof Mascara at the moment, and that would be perfect to take with you on holiday!

4. Do you want some Aloe Vera for that burn?
After a long day out in the sun, it is important to treat and soothe your skin. If you have dry or irritated skin then a soothing aloe vera gel is the perfect solution! Lots of aftersun products contain aloe vera now, but I always love a good original pure aloe vera gel that you can buy from most drugstores or chemists.

5. Keep the pests at bay!
Along with beautiful warm weather comes midges, mosquitos and biting insects. It is important to prevent these pest bites, so stock up your cabinet or suitcase with insect repellent and bite cream.

6. Happy Feet
Summer brings the arrival of flip flops, sandals and bare feet. Ensure your feet are smiling by purchasing a foot exfoliator and some foot moisturiser. Why not treat your toes to a new nail polish too?

7. Hydrate
Drink bucket and spade loads of water during the warmer months to hydrate your whole body! To further hydrate your body purchase a body moisturiser for your skin, a lip balm for your lips and a hydration shampoo and conditioner for your hair.

8. Superfoods for your Diet
You don't need to purchase fancy tablets or products to help you boost the vitamins in your body this summer, below are some foods that will give you extra healthy, glowing skin this season!
Sweet Potatoes
Brazil Nuts
Kiwi Fruit

9. Catch some Waves
The beach waves are a hot hair trend at the moment so embrace your natural hair's waves. To achieve effortless looking, beachy waves follow my 5 step guide...
1. Wash your hair with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner.
2. Towel dry your hair and leave it to dry naturally.
3. Tie your hair in a dutch or french braid before sleeping on it.
4. In the morning untie your hair, and mess up the waves slightly.
5. Reach for a texture spray such as a sea salt spray to finish off the look!

10. Summer Spritz
A summer fragrance is the perfect thing to make you feel more body-confident and beautiful this summer. After a spritz of new, fresh perfume I immediately feel so much better. I have been loving so many new fragrances in the last few months but below are a few of my favourites that I think you should definitely sniff next time you are in the perfume department in your local store. 
Jimmy Choo Exotic
Diesel Loverdose Red Kiss
Paco Rabanne Lady Million

I hope these 10 beauty tips will help you feel more beautiful this summer and I hope this post has given you a few new products to pack for holiday this year!



  1. I follow most of these rules in summer as well! Also I try to wear less makeup in general as sun makes my skin better, but I don't forget about SPF too :)

    1. I totally agree! The sun seems to make my skin naturally glow and seem more radiant! xx

  2. Really good list, I always seem to forget about something.

    1. Thank you! Me too, that's why I'm a list maker haha xx


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