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A Weekend in Whitstable | Part 1

A perfect weekend!
Last Friday my friends and I headed on a girls holiday to Whitstable! We stayed in a caravan in Seasalter [near Whitstable] and spent a 4 day holiday by the coast. I had such an amazing time with my friends, I don't think I've ever laughed so much in one weekend! Whitstable is such a beautiful place with a beautiful harbour, shore and town! 

| Friday |
We arrived at the caravan at around 12.30pm and organised all of our belongings. After we were all organised, we had some lunch and left to look around the campsite. The campsite that we stayed on was Homing Park, in Seasalter. It is such a lovely, relaxed 5 star campsite! The sun beated down on us so we opted to go to the outdoor pool. It was so relaxing to lie in the sun and catch some rays, whilst also having fun in the pool and taking lots of underwater photos! I took my Marie Claire and Glamour magazines to read by the pool as well, and listened to my holiday playlist on Spotify.

Feeling soggy, we headed back to the caravan for dinner. We played some good old fashioned monopoly and cards in the caravan. I cooked some fajitas for us and we had a cute little film night before going to bed. We also, of course, had lots of snacks!

| Saturday |
The sun shone through the caravan windows as we rose relatively early. We wanted to be ready early on Saturday as we wanted the day to be filled with retail therapy and walks along the beach. After eating a breakfast of cereal and croissants, we headed off on our walk along the shore to the town. It wasn't long until we arrived in the heart of Whitstable and started shopping in the cute boutiques and shops. I love the shops in Whitstable as the products sold are so sweet and quirky, perfect to match the beautiful town. All of us bought items during the day including earrings, mugs, cushion covers and sticks of rock.

For lunch we popped into a family run cafe along the high street called The Whitsable Coffee Company. The cafe was so cute, with rustic wooden tables and chairs, and a great choice on the menu. I opted for one of their specials, the Mediterrean Vegetable Ciabatta, and one of their smoothies, The Big 5 [Kiwi, Apple Juice, Mango, Strawberry and Pineapple]. The ciabatta was so delicious and the smoothie was really refreshing! The prices were very affordable too.

We continued to pop into shops and headed to the Harbour. At the Harbour we sat down and looked at the nautical view, whilst listening to a busker who sang and played the guitar. We wandered through the beach huts selling all sorts of goods, before we became hungry and decided to head through the high street to the Peter Cushing. After a hearty meal of BBQ Hog Burger with chips, we headed back to the caravan. Whilst down the high street we decided to buy some water balloons, and being big kids we had a water fight back at the caravan - it was hilarious! We soon dried off and settled down to watch a film before going to bed.

I couldn't believe how much fun we had had in just the first two days of our girls holiday together. I love spending time with my friends and just being relaxed and carefree. It was the perfect start to our lovely long summer!

This blog post is just Part 1 of my little holiday, be sure to check out Part 2 on Wednesday at 7pm!



  1. Nice post. Looks like you had a lovely time :)

    Sammir Ox

    1. Thank you! Yes I had a lovely little holiday thank you xx


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