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A Weekend in Whitstable | Part 2

Last weekend my friends and I took a little holiday to the Kent coastal town of Whitstable! I had a fantastic time with my friends, relaxing and having fun! This is a little blog post on the last two days of our trip, so before you read this post be sure to check out Monday's post on Part 1 of the holiday... Enjoy!

| Sunday |
It was raining. Typical British summer weather. Our original plan was to head to the beach on this day but, due to the weather, we had a lie in and relaxed around the caravan until lunchtime. After lunch the rain finally stopped, so we decided to explore the campsite further and have a game of tennis on the tennis courts. I was not exactly the next Serena Williams, but I had lots of fun! After tennis we went back to the caravan to decide on what to do in the evening. We decided to wander down to the beach to watch the sunset. The sunset was spectacular and I couldn't believe how beautiful it was! It was still warm into the evening and it was a lovely way to experience the last night of the holiday! We, of course, took loads of photographs and it was lovely to be spending a beautiful moment with my friends.

We had a nice walk home, and watched some films before falling asleep in the caravan for the last time.

| Monday |
It was another early start, like the beginning of the holiday, as Monday was the day we were leaving Whitstable and we needed to get packing and tidying. After everyone had tidied away their belongings and the caravan looked more presentable, we headed out to the beach. The tide was out, so we decided to explore the shoreline. As the tide was out the sand, once beneath the sea, was a soggy and soft, and as we took one step forward, our foot would be swallowed up by the mud and it was hilarious! We took so many cute photographs in the sea and had loads of fun. Then we continued to stroll into Whistable town where we did a little bit more shopping and grabbed some fish and chips, and an ice cream from Sundae Sundae [an old fashioned ice cream shop]. We took the walk back along the beach and had a little swim in the sea.

Once we had returned back to the caravan, it wasn't long before my mum and grandparents came to pick us up and take us home.

Our little holiday had gone so fast and we have such a laugh! I enjoyed every moment and I haven't laughed so much in a weekend before. I can't wait to hopefully return to Whitstable with my friends next year, if not later this year. It is such a cute, coastal town, that was perfect for our little weekend away!



  1. Looks like you had lots of fun! Those ice creams look amazing! :)


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