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My Weekly Love | Dior Hollywood Lipgloss

The Hollywood Wow Factor!
From my recent blog post you have seen that at Prom I made a statement with my new Rouge Dior Brilliant Lip Gloss in the shade Hollywood [688]. My Prom outfit had a classic feel to it, and I wanted to make a statement with a bold, glossy lip, so this lip gloss seemed to be the perfect product for me.
I tend to stick to neutrals and light pinks on my lips, but I wanted something more different and fun for Prom and Hollywood seemed the perfect colour for an occassion such as Prom.
I matched the lip gloss with warm, neautral eyes to ensure, in the words of Lil Mama, 'ma lip gloss be poppin' 
Now it is summer, I feel I will be more confident to wear this lip gloss when out and about in London, and on holiday - and the colour would look fab with a tan! I think that I will start experimenting more with makeup and try shades and colours that are a little out of my comfort zone more often. Don't be afraid to try new things, that's the fun of makeup! 
The pigmentation of the lip gloss is amazing and it is basically a glossy lipstick! The product is surprisingly long lasting for a gloss too, and left my lips feeling moisturised.



  1. In love with this colour, it looks stunning and the pigmentation looks incredible. Beautiful lip colour choice Lily <3

    Love Charlotte xx


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