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Summer Bucket List

A little inspiration for how you could spend your holidays this summer!

Make a Summer Playlist on Spotify
Buy Clothes for Holiday
Swim in the Sea
Eat an Ice Cream from an Ice Cream Van
Sunbathe on the Beach
Visit a Lido
Ride Boris Bikes through Hyde Park
Take a Pedalo Boat out on to a Lake
Camp Outside
Go to an Outdoor Cinema
Toast Marshmellows
Go to the Zoo
Eat from a BBQ
Go to Thorpe Park [Theme Park]
Do a Bootsale
Watch the Sunset on a Beach
Have a Water Fight
Make a Collage of Photos
Visit the Sky Garden
Visit another Country
Try to get a Tan
Make Homemade Ice Cream
Have Fun!



  1. Ooh I also want to get ice cream from an ice cream van! I honestly can’t remember the last time I found an ice cream van haha

    Hannah xx

    1. The ice cream van ice creams are just the best! Luckily there are quite a few vans where I live, but if in doubt there are always bound to be ice cream vans on the coast xx


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