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A Week in Loire Valley

La France est belle!

I was lucky enough to spend a wonderful 10 days in the heart of Loire Valley, France. I spent the 10 days with my lovely family, and we had a great time. The weather was beautiful and I had an amazing time spent relaxing and experiencing new places.

| Accommodation |
I have never stayed in a more beautiful accommodation before. We stayed at Le Potager in La Belardiere, in the area of Saint Remy - a charming, renovated family gite. Our gite was so rustic and picturesque, and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay! The owners of the beautiful home are Kath and Roger, they welcomed us warmly and were greatly attentive throughout the week. La Belardiere has many great facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, bikes for hire, a games area, a BBQ, an orchard, a badminton court and many more - all the facilities were free to use. My little sister Alice really enjoyed the company of Kath and Roger's dog Boodie, and the goats and sheep near the end of the garden. During the day we would relax around, lying on the hammocks, and of a night we would take a stroll out to our private hut where we could watch the beautiful sunset over the surrounding fields. We really enjoyed our stay at La Belardiere and we are looking into returning next summer!

|Chateaux Chemoneau |
The castle of ladies is the beautiful castle that we decided to visit for a day. Ranked the most popular castle to visit in Loire Valley, it was a place we just had to see. We experienced beautiful views of the castle, with a long walkway across the moat, a stroll through the breathtaking gardens, and my little sister loved the donkeys and the maze too!

| Angles-sur-l'Anglin |
We spent a wonderful day at a quaint french village called Angles-sur-l'anglin. The village was so cute, with it's winding cobbled streets and beautiful pockets of flowers and plants. In the very centre of the village is the castle, towering over the river and streets. We took a stroll, taking in the scenery and taking photos, and we stopped off at a little cafe to have an ice cream. Angles-sur-l'anglin is rated one of the most beautiful villages in France, and I would totally recommend you to give it a visit.

Overall, I had a wonderful 10 days in Loire Valley, soaking in the French atmosphere and relaxing. I look forward to returning next year and spending plenty more days Loire Valley!

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