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Disneyland Paris | Tips and Tricks

'Laughter is timless, Imagination is for all ages, and Dreams are forever'
- Walt Disney

My family and I recently took a 4 day trip to Disneyland Paris! We had such a magical time and had 4 busy, fun-packed days! In this post I will tell you a few tips and tricks for making to most out of your time at Disneyland Paris.

This free service is critical for making the most out of the time you have in the day, and helps you to skip the queues. Fastpass allows you to book times to go onto rides by using your entry tickets. Lots of rides have this service, especially the rides that tend to have long queues, such as Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

Passport Annuel
If you love Disney, and would return to the park many times during the year, I would definitely recommend purchasing a Passport Annuel. They are very expensive, but in fact you save money if you make use of the pass. The pass also entitles you to have access to the magical hours, and 10% off items in the Disney boutiques and restaurants. We have already booked to return to Disneyland Paris in November, to experience a Disney Christmas!

Magical Hours
I mentioned the magical hours being available to Passport Annuel holders, but magical hours are also open to people who are staying in the Disney hotels. These magical hours are two hours before the park opens up to the public, and during these two hours some people are allowed access into the park to go on the rides with very short queues. During these hours we managed to walk straight onto rides such as Dumbo and Peter Pan's Flight - rides that during the day can have queues of up to 50 minutes! I must say that the magical hours is only open at Disneyland Park, not Hollywood Studios, and only a few rides are open.

Rider Swap
This is another service that allows you to skip the queues, but only if you have a young child in your party. This service is for families or couples that have a young child that cannot ride on the attraction. Once one of your party members has queued up and used the ride, you can ask for a rider swap ticket at the end of the attraction. This allows the other member of the party, who was looking after the child, to go straight on the ride without having to queue up again.

Planning your visit is a way to ensure you make the most out of your visit at Disneyland Paris. I'm not suggesting you have to plan your visit down to the every second, but perhaps book some shows, and make restaurant reservations in advance. I would also recommend having an idea of which rides you would like to go on in the day, and to know which rides to head straight to when the park opens, to skip the queues.

Be Prepared to Queue
Although there are many services to help you to skip the queues, if you want to experience all the shows and rides at Disney you must be prepared to queue. Shows such as the Frozen Sing Along are things that have a rather long queue time, so be prepared, but the shows are certainly worth the wait!

Disney Merchandise
When walking around the Disney parks, there are so many beautiful, cute boutiques selling lots of Disney merchandise. All of the Disney merchandise is adorable and it's lovely to buy souvenirs from your trip, but everything is very expensive. It's lovely to get wrapped up in the Disney atmosphere and you may be tempted to put on a Disney hat or some Minnie Mouse ears, but these items are very expensive. It's a great idea to purchase some of these items beforehand from online, or in other stores if you want to save money.

Overall, Disneyland Paris is such a magical place to go to! It's an amazing place for all ages, and I especially loved seeing the excited expressions on my little sister's faces. I can't wait to return to Disney at Christmas time!

*Sorry the photos are bad quality.*


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