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Last weekend I took a trip up to Oxford Street, London, where I popped into the beautifully, large LUSH store. It is amazing! When surrounded with such wonderful products it's hard not to be tempted into buying the whole store. Instead I settled on buying a few items, oh and I also picked up a few testers - I love a good freebie!

| Golden Handshake Hot Hand Mask |
Such a gorgeous product for your precious hands. This hot hand mask smells amazingly sweet and dreamy, and it can be used two ways. You can either fill a bowl with warm water and swirl the Golden Handshake in the bowl to create a milky solution, which you can soak your hands in, or you can massage you hands with the product, and then rinse.

| You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt |
This bath melt smells incredible! I love the LUSH bath melts because they make my skin feel so soft and pampered. This is a punchy bath melt that has a beautiful tropical fragrance. You've Been Mangoed is super refreshing and hydrating for your skin.

| Mmmelting Marshmellow Moment Bath Melt |
Another gorgeous bath melt that has such a sweet aroma. The smell of marshmellows and dolly mixtures fills my bathroom and transports me to a candy paradise! The bath melt is very moisturising and perfect for delicate skin.

| From Dusk Til Dawn Massage Bar |
Ooooh who doesn't like a massage? Even better, who doesn't like a massage with a gorgeous smelling massage bar? The Dusk til Dawn massage bar is such a lovely product with a sensual aroma. The oils gently soak into the skin, you feel relaxed and moisturised.

| Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask |
This calming fresh face mask is highly moisturising, and helps to protect and soften the skin. It contains blueberries, chamomile, rose and almond oils.

| Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask |
This punchy, bright blue face mask is perfect for evening out your skin's complexion as it contains zingy lemon juice.

| Dark Angel Cleanser |
This black sugar and charcoal cleanser gently absorbs oils and exfoliates, meaning it is a great cleanser for acne-prone skin. Some anti-acne products can be a bit harsh, but this cleanser is also great to target redness and irritation.

| Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask |
This beautiful floral fragranced face mask aims to soothe and mattify your skin.

| Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser |
This beautiful face cleanser is very gentle. It contains lavender and kaolin to absorb grease and dirt, leaving your skin feeling clean and smelling beautiful!

| Wash You Were Here Wash Sheet |
A new way to freshen up in the morning! Simply tear off a piece from the wash sheet, and start to rub against your body to create a lather!


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