Friday, 18 September 2015

My Weekly Love | LUSH Lemon Sherbet Showder


Could this be the new way to stay clean and fresh in the shower? I think so! This novelty shower product is amazing. The retro packaging is so unique and looks fabulous in the bathroom. The fragrance is so zesty and freshening, it leaves your body feeling squeaky clean!

| How to use it |
Simply, take a handful of Showder, add water, and soon you'll start to see a thick lather forming.

This foamy shower product contains lemon oil, lemon myrtle and kaolin clay, and leaves your skin feeling creamy clean.

The Showder is also available in other fragrances including Candy Floss and Dirty Deal



  1. I've never seen this before! Looks so cool, Might have to try it out. -XO

    1. Yes you should! It's such a quirky product xx


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