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Seal Watching | Ramsgate

Wow, what a wet and windy ride! 
Last week I spent a lovely 7 days with my family in Whitstable, at my family caravan. We had an amazing time doing so many different activities, but one of my favourite activities was our speed boat trip, with RIB Request, to see the seals. On the morning of the boat trip I was so excited. I had been on a speed boat twice before and loved it, but this time I was going to see some seals! We decided to book with RIB Request as their boat trips looked fantastic. We set off down to Ramsgate, and arrived at the location exactly on time - 11am. After we met our boat driver, Stuart, we were equipped with our life jackets, and were given the health and safety talk. Walking down to the boat, my excitement grew as I saw ahead the Arctic Storm; our speed boat. The Arctic Storm was used previously in the military.
After taking a seat at the front of the boat, the motor kicked in and we were off. The wind rushed through my hair, and the salty air battered my cheeks. I couldn't believe the speed we were reaching as we rode across the waves, and it wasn't long until we spotted two seals playing in the sea. We began to slow down and drove round a bend, when our eyes lit up with excitement as we saw on the banks about 30 seals lying in the sun.

The seals were adorable and were so funny to watch. They rolled around on the stomachs and were scratching their tummies and noses. We spotted a small pup too, who was fast asleep next to its mother. We couldn't go to close to disturb them but we enjoyed watching them on the banks, and frolicking in the water.
Stuart taught us about the different types of seals present on the banks, and how they live and adapt to their habitat.

After saying goodbye to the seals, we took the whirlwind ride back to the harbour. This time we took a few more twists and turns, which were so much fun, and as I was on the side at the front, I got very wet. My hair afterwards was a disaster, but the trip gave me such an adrenaline rush.
I would recommend the RIB Request trips in Ramsgate, but next time I would have liked a bit more time out on the water, and a few more big twists and turns.

That night the sunset was beautiful... 


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