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My Weekly Love | Jewellery at New Look

This week I've decided to share with you a fabulous promotion at New Look. New Look are holding an amazing offer on their jewellery collection I certain stores; buy one get one free. With this lovely promotion I bought two sets of earrings that I love.

Each set of earrings has nine pairs of pink and nude earrings. The reason I love these earrings is that they are perfect for everyday use and they are great to wear with any outfit. My favourite pairs are the gold ring studs and the tiny black studs. Plus, thanks to the offer I received all 18 pairs of earrings for £3.99! I am so happy with this little purchase.


  1. That's a great deal! Love the look of these earings.

    Sammii xx

    1. Isn't it just! Thank you, they look so pretty on. xxx

  2. What a brilliant bargain. Love New Look jewellery and love a bargain so win, win! Thanks for posting. Will be in town today so will definitely see if the offer is still on. I really need some new earrings. I keep managing to lose mine! I quite fancy some rose gold ones. Absolutely love that colour!


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