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Pato Lounge | Orpington

Situated in the midst of the Orpington high street hustle and bustle, is such a beautiful, unique restaurant. A few nights ago my mum, sister and I decided to pop in to Pato Lounge for a drink. The d├ęcor is so gorgeous. The walls are covered with quaint portraits and pieces of art, and hanging from the ceiling are beautiful, lavish lighting shades in multiple colours and with many tassles.

We just popped in for a drink, but a quick glance of the menu looked promising. The meals on offer were lovely, such as tapas and burgers, and very affordable. It's a lovely place for adults, and couples, but also families as board games are provided for children - or adults who are young at heart! The staff were very friendly and I can't wait to return for food.


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