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I've set up a shop!

Depop is now one of my favourite apps on my phone, and I have discovered a whole new way to shop! Depop is a new app that allows you to buy and sell items easily. I have used Gumtree and Ebay before to sell and buy items, but Depop is so much simpler. Depop is also great as you can follow friends, family, YouTubers and bloggers, and essentially buy their items!

I decided to have a clear out this autumn/winter and so I have already posted some items on to my Depop, loads that are branded and have never been worn! You can also sell makeup, books, jewellery, anything really! The selling side of the app is brilliant to use, but buying on Depop is so fun too! I recently bought a pair of black converse - an absolute wardrobe must-have - using the app from a lovely girl and I was so happy with my purchase.

I would definitely recommend Depop to anyone who is wanting to sell items or who just loves shopping for new things!

Check out my Depop Shop with the username @bloglilyrose !

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