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Guys and Dolls | London

I watched the dazzling performance of Guys and Dolls a few weeks ago for my mum's birthday, with my family. This American 1950s production took place in The Savoy Theatre which is a beautiful theatre located in The Strand, London. We arrived at the theatre early to have some drinks in The Savoy bar. The drinks were expensive, but expected for The Savoy.

We soon took our seats to see the performance. The production was brilliant and the singing and choreography was spectacular! I had a really enjoyable night.

Although, I must admit that I felt I was too young to appreciate the show to its full as a lot of the songs were from the 50s. My nan and granddad on the other hand really enjoyed it, and knew a few songs throughout the night!

Overall I think that Guys and Dolls is a brilliant piece of theatre for people to go and see and I'm really glad I experienced it, but I wouldn't go back to see it again in a hurry.

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