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Kaspa's | Elephant & Castle

Last Friday my friends and I decided to treat ourselves at the well-known dessert restaurant; Kaspa's. That's right a restaurant that only sells desserts! For ages I had followed Kaspa's on their Instagram account and was wowed by the fabulous desserts they sell; so I couldn't wait to try one! I must say after all the excitement, I was overall disappointed with my experience.

First of all, the location of the restaurant seemed bizarre for a special, unique place. Such a restaurant like Kaspa's should be situated in more of a central London hot spot, but was instead placed along an ordinary high street in Elephant & Castle.

Prior to going to Kaspa's we rang and asked to book, but they do not take reservations. We instead had to wait 20 minutes for table. Next. we had to squeeze around a table that was at the front of the restaurant right by the door, and a light was broken and kept flickering above our table - which was rather annoying.

The food itself wasn't too bad. There were plenty of options on the menu and it was really hard to choose as everything looked so delicious! I opted for a chocolate brownie waffle and a strawberry cheesecake milkshake. I was very happy with my choices as my waffle was delicious, and my milkshake was sweet and deliciously creamy! On the other hand, many of my friends didn't enjoy their dishes and said that they were bland or too sickly - I suppose it depends on what you order.

When my friends and I ordered we made a fatal error, we ordered separately. At Kaspa's you have to order at the tills (there are no waiters) so we ordered one at a time, this meant that our food arrived, and we had to eat at different times; otherwise our ice cream would melt and our food would become cold! I would have preferred to eat all together.

Overall I would say that my experience at Kaspa's was disappointing and not what I expected. Although, other people who have spoke about it have said that the Kaspa's at Croydon is much nicer, and perhaps the new restaurant opening in Canterbury soon will be much nicer also? I must say I am happy I have experienced a meal at Kaspa's and I also got some instagram-worthy photos which is a bonus!



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