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French Connection Mini Beauty Haul

As part of the Dark and Shady set for Christmas, I received these beautiful beauty products from French Connection!

Eyeshadow Primer
This eyeshadow primer is great for everyday use. It is not exactly the most amazing primer I've ever used, but it's great for daywear such as for work and Sixth Form.

Eyeshadow Palette
The colours in these palettes are fun, and brilliant additions to my collection. The first and third colours are lovely for nude and natural looks, whereas the second and fourth are perfect for evenings.

I am not completely mad about this mascara, but I love wearing it when I want a more natural look, rather than a volumised/dramatic eye look.

Metallic Eyeshadow
These pencil eyeshadows certainly have the wow factor! The colours are bold and brilliant, and the application is super easy to do.

Brow Pencil
Amazingly, this brow pencil is my perfect colour and shade, so I love using it daily. It creates a tidy and natural eyebrow.

Eye Liner Pencil
I must admit I'm more of fan of the liquid eyeliner as it is more dramatic and easier to use, but this pencil eye liner is great for those of you who prefer to use the pencil.

Eyebrow Tweezers
Such a great sturdy pair of tweezers!

Eyelash Curlers
I recently lost my previous pair of eyelash curlers, so this was a product I was in much need of. Just a decent pair of curlers really!



  1. I've never tried their makeup before, but that eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous! x


    1. Yeah! It was the first time I had tried it and I love it! Not that expensive either! xx

  2. I didn't even realise they did makeup! It looks really nice, and love the packaging! Will definitely be trying some x

    1. I know! I would recommend giving it ago! xx

  3. I had no idea they did make-up! It's a brand you don't necessarily think about when it comes to makeup. Those metallic eye shadows look really great though x

    Lauren |

    1. I know, their beauty range is hardly ever talked about. I certainly think you should give their products ago. I agree - definitely the eye shadows xx


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