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Spring Bucket List 2016

It's now March, this means it's spring...even though the weather is suggesting otherwise! As always, I love to create a list of activities and things that I would like to accomplish during the season. Hopefully this list will give you a little inspiration on what you can do over the next few months too!

Update my spring wardrobe
Make homemade lemonade
Buy daffodils for my mum
Go to a farmer's market
Go to the Sky Garden
Have a picnic in a park
Eat Easter eggs
Take my little sister to a farm to see the baby animals
Revise for my A Levels
Make Easter cookies
Have a bootsale
Go to the Butterfly House at the Natural History Museum
Have an afternoon tea

How are you planning on spending your Spring?



  1. Afternoon tea is a must! I'm planning on updating my spring wardrobe too, can't wait to start wearing a bit more colour!

    The Modern Audrey

    1. I've never been to an afternoon tea but I absolutely love the idea of one! I can't wait to wear lighter clothes as well, I hate uncomfortable tights haha! xx

  2. I really want to have a picnic in a park I haven't had one in forever but that might be that it always rains in the UK! haha
    Hols xx

    1. Haha! Yeah, I will probably have to wait till there is better weather! xx


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