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Interview | hannatalks

It's interview time yet again and I'm very excited to share with you an interview with Hannah from hannatalks! It was lovely to speak to her, and to get to know her, so I hope you enjoy her wonderful answers.

Let's get on with the questions...

Why did you start blogging?
My best friend used to blog daily about her outfits and latest fashion buys. She was being invited to all these events, working with brands and meeting loads of new people, so I thought... I want to give it a go!

What are your favourite blog posts to write?
My favourite blog posts to write are beauty reviews and lifestyle posts. I particularly love writing my 'Month In Photos' ones which sums up what I've been up to that month on Instagram. It's not always my most viewed posts, but I really love recapping what I've been up to in that month!
How would you describe your personality in three words?
Hmmmmmm... I'll go for friendly, generous and caring!
What do you normally do to unwind or relax?
I'm not very good at unwinding or switching off from work etc... but I do love to have a long bubble bath with a Lush bath bomb, have my Molton Brown candle burning away and to read my favourite magazine called Look. I don't watch much TV, but I do love kicking back and listening to music channels!

What is your favourite music at the moment?
Tricky Q! I always listen to Starz TV so pretty much everything they play on there! I'm really into R&B and house.
What is your go-to foundation?
My go-to foundation is No7's Stay Perfect foundation. It's matte with medium coverage. I love their Match Made service and find this foundation suits me perfectly in their lightest shade Calico. It's buildable and blends well into the skin too. Their Flawless droplet one is a close second!

What three items are on your beauty wishlist?
I really want to get my mitts on The Balm Mary Lou Manizer, an UD eyeshadow palette and another Kylie Lip Kit lipstick!

Are you guilty of a beauty sin?
Hmmmm... I'm probably guilty of washing my hair too much!! If I could I'd probably wash it every day. I just have some weird obsession with washing it!
If you were a Disney character, who would you be?
I'm not actually that into Disney and haven't watched many films... but I'd probably have to go for good ol' Cinderella! She's a beaut and I love her hair!
What is your favourite app?
I use quite a lot of apps, but my favourite has to be ASOS. I check on there pretty much every morning and night for their new releases!
Do you prefer designer or high street clothes?
High street clothes! I'm not fussed about designer clothes at all, I can't recognise items when people wear them! I do however love designer accessories and can spot them much easier. I'd love to treat myself to a Mulberry or V.W bag this year!

Are you a morning person?
I definitely see myself as a morning person now! For my work, I'm up at 5am for 6am starts, so I'm definitely used to getting up early!
What three places are you most interested in visiting?
I really REALLY want to visit Iceland, Dublin and Barcelona. Can I win the lottery soon pls???
What is your best blogging tip?
My best blogging tip? Just blog about what YOU have a passion for. There's been so many occasions where I've seen people blog because other people are blogging about it. You can tell when someone is doing it half heartedly. Ultimately, just be happy! :)
What are your future aspirations in life?
My aspirations in life are just to be happy above all. I really want to go traveling at some point, and I want to find a job I'm 100% happy in. But we shall see!

I also would love to get my hands on a Kylie Lip Kit, and I now really want to try out the No7 Stay Perfect Foundation. I would also definitely recommend a trip to Iceland, it is one of the most incredible places I have ever visited! Thank you so much Hannah for your interesting answers and I hope you have learnt a little more about Hannah and her blog (which you can check out below)!  
Hope you are having a lovely week!

*All photos are taken from hannatalks*

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