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Stirling | Scotland

Such a brilliant day out at Stirling Castle.

We arrived in Stirling early and started to walk up to the castle. Towering over the streets of Stirling is the magnificent castle, and it was perfect for photo opportunities.

Once we had walked through the entrance of the castle, we met a tour guide who took us all around the castle. He pointed out many places of interest and was very informative. I would definitely recommend a tour guide if you ever visit Stirling Castle to get the most out of your visit. Once the guided tour was over, we decided to make our own way around the castle in more detail and looked across at the beautiful views.

We soon decided to take a break in The Unicorn Café. The café was super cute and all the food looked amazing. I only ordered a latte, but my sisters had a cake as well which they said was delicious!

We had such a wonderful day at Stirling Castle. It's a brilliant family attraction located in a lovely town.



  1. it looks lovely there, i'd love to visit scotland one day :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. I would definitely recommend the country! So beautiful xx


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