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Clarins Ultimate Body Firming Duo

Do you want to achieve a toned and firm body for this summer?

These are the perfect products to do exactly that! Recently I have been losing weight and becoming healthier with the aim to become more body confident; especially with summer right around the corner! It is important to lose weight healthily, and moisturising is an important factor to prevent saggy skin and cellulite. On a search to find the perfect products to help me achieve my goals, I stumbled across this wonderful duo, in Clarins, that I wanted to share with you!


I use this product about twice/three times a week in the summer to exfoliate my skin. I use my exfoliating brush, with the product, in circular motions to eliminate dry skin and to firm certain areas. The scrub is made with bamboo powder, shea, coconut, ginger and licorice, to create soft and smooth skin after application. The results of using this body scrub is that it creates more firmed and youthful-looking skin, as well as exfoliating to create a smooth and moisturised finish. The aroma is refreshing and it leaves me feeling lovely.


This anti-cellulite cream is a miracle in a bottle. I apply this lotion after using the body scrub, and the two work perfectly together. Similarly to the scrub, I apply this lotion in circular motions, but this time with my hands. The cream includes baccharis, hazelnut and sunflower for the ultimate team against cellulite. The results from using this lotion is amazing and provides a more firmed, refined and contoured body. Your skin also feels revitalised and moisturised, so that you feel more body confident.

Have you tried any of these products before?


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