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On Twitter this week I saw little tweet pop up from @Cosmopolitan all about their new app which is an assortment of Cosmojis!

Cosmopolitan magazine have came up with a selection of fabulous and sassy emojis which you can use on your IPhone. Their new set of emojis include images that are not available normally in the emoji store and they are full of fun and sass! 

The app is simple to download. You simply search Cosmojis in the app store and download the app (which is free too!) The app gives you directions through how to add the emojis to your keyboard to make it easy for you to use them in imessage. Sadly the emojis cannot be used on Instagram or Snapchat yet, just imessage, but hopefully there will be updates enabling this soon. My favourite Cosmojis have to be the eyeliner image, the starbucks frappe images, the Beyoncé single ladies gif and the pizza image. All the images are super girly and so much fun - I definitely recommend you downloading this quirky app.

Have you downloaded the Cosmojis app? What's your favourite image?

*This post was not an advert in any way, I simply stumbled across this app and wanted to share it with you as my weekly love!



  1. OMG these look so cute! Can you make them small like normal emoji's too?

    1. They are super cute aren't they! I don't think you can at the moment but I hope that they will be developed soon because they are adorable. x


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