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*Loco for Coconut Lane

This week's weekly love is to do with my new best friend - my Iphone 6s. After months of waiting for my contract to run out (which felt like years), I finally took the leap and bought an Iphone 6s. I have been really happy with the phone so far, and because I have upgraded my storage and data usage it means I can take loads of really good photographs, download more music, and use lots of my apps again! Hooray!

Along with buying a new phone comes the excitement of buying a new phone case! I love buying phone cases as its a great way to accessorise your Iphone, and it can express your personality and style - and also protect your phone of course. My last phone's screen was incredibly and embarrassingly smashed (oops!) so I took it upon myself to this time purchase a glass screen protector for the front screen. I bought the Anker Premium Glass Protector from Amazon, and for only £5, it works a treat! The protector was a little tricky to install, but a helpful video sent via email was really handy. Now I have my fingers crossed that it works and keeps my phone is great condition (even though I am super clumsy...)

Anyway I'm rambling... The primary reason for me to write this post was to share with you my beautiful new Iphone case from Coconut Lane. I am completely obsessed with their products at the moment, due to their sassy and fun slogans plastered across cases, cushions, wall art and much much more, and their super affordable prices! First of all, I ordered the beautiful Rose Gold mirror Iphone case because I think the design and colour is sleek and beautiful. The quality is amazing too, and for such an affordable price! I am in love with my phone case, but I do love variety when it comes to accessories, so I am hoping to purchase a few other phone cases from Coconut Lane in the future so that I can alternate between cases - I have my eye on the pineapple printed one, and the new Luxe range which looks fantastic.

I would definitely recommend to anyone who loves all things sassy, fun and gorgeous to head over to the Coconut Lane to check out their collections. Their fabulous relatable words make their brand image so iconic, and I think any of their products would make a great addition to your home, bedroom or phone!

Make sure you check out their website, and to recieve 20% off any purchases, use the code...

(Go on treat yourself!)

I hope you have a lovely weekend!



  1. I absolutely love the range of products at Coconut Lane - that phone case is stunning. Definitely going to pick that up with my next purchase if it is in stock. I'm loving their new sunglasses from their luxe range <3 Loved this post, your photos look super pretty xx

    Lots of love
    Char Xx

    1. Their range is just gorgeous! I really want to pick up a pair of their classic sunglasses for summer because they would be perfect for holidays and festivals etc. - and they're totally affordable! Thank you beautiful! xx


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